welcome to luvdisc, a site dedicated to cataloguing pokemon ship names. this site was created to be a more coherent organization of ship names, because while the bulbagarden list is helpful to some extent, it feels a bit overwhelming at times. currently, this site is in it's early stages, so we're just adding gameverse ships for now, but in the future we'll add manga + anime shippings as well!

obviously, there are likely a lot of ships we've missed, and you are free to leave a comment on the site to suggest additions, here is a small list of our personal criteria for what we will and won't accept for submissions, and we ask that you respect these!

1. we will not list any ships that are explicitly pedophilic/incestuous or anything of the nature. this is non-negotiable. regardless of whatever thoughts you may have on this decision, this is how it is and we ask that you respect that.
2. you may submit crackships + rarepairs, regardless of how popular they are,so long as the ship name does actively get used for said ship.

slightly less serious note, while we do stick to the most commonly used ship names on this site for the most part, some ships have multiple names or we have chosen new names for them (see: i as one of the people behind this site refuse to entertain ship names that refer to marnie as a goth. cmon guys shes punk theres a difference), obviously these aren't the true, absolutely correct ship names that everyone must use, and if you think there are any that we should change then let us know!

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